Bespoke Marketing & PR Services

We Can Help You Expand Into The Chinese Market

PR Services

“Our PR service is to identify clients’ public relations requirements, implements PR strategy and evaluate the effectiveness of public relations exercises in both British and Chinese background audience market whether on a project or a long-term contract.”
Tightly based on clients’ business strategy, products and services to identify clients’ target customer base
Maintain and enhance our clients’ relationship with their customers through social media, email, mailing materials and events
Liaise with a variety of communication channels including traditional and social media to maximize marketing effect
Writes and arranges for the effective distribution of press releases and various public relations material
Develop bespoke tools to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our public relations exercise

Marketing Service

Chinese Market

Our experts in Chinese marketing will promote your business to the Chinese customers through various platforms: Chinese social media such as WeChat and Weibo, Chinese mobile promotion page, Chinese language website and blog, and Chinese search engine optimism. Learn more about WeChat

UK Market

We also help Chinese business to build a better presence and brand awareness in the UK via managing social media accounts such as facebook and twitter, SEO, PPC and other marketing campaign.

Event Management

We design influential events to promote clients’ brand awareness, reputation and customer relationship.
We organise different types of events which includes launch events, networking events, festivals, brand activation and exhibitions.

Creative Services

Web Design

We understand both Chinese and bilingual websites. If you’re looking for bespoke web design with a digital marketing strategy, we can help.

Visual Design

We will help you deliver messages to the audience through well designed visual work. 


We offer powerful content in both English and Chinese.


We have experts in not only English and Chinese languages but also British and Chinese culture to make sure your message are delivered correctly to different audience.

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