southside square

A case study of WeChat marketing: Southside

Southside is the most vibrant business district in Birmingham city centre. It contains the Chinese Quarter, Gay Village, The Arcadian and the Hippodrome Theatre and many more restaurant, bars, clubs and shops in this area.

Initially launched its WeChat subscription account and Weibo account in September 2015, we’ve successfully attracted over 15,000 Chinese followers on Southside’s Chinese social media accounts. We’ve promoted businesses in Southside such as Ming Moon, Han Dynasty, United Group, Big Wok, Hippodrome as well as big events in Southside such as Chinese New Year and Summer in Southside. To welcome the new Chinese students in September, we’ve made a series of posts of “Birmingham Chinatown Guide”.

Business Survey

In October 2016, we’ve conducted a survey for Southside on WeChat account. We received more than 700 responses and provided first-hand information about Chinese customers and their expenditure in Southside to Southside’s business tenants.

We’ve received great feedbacks from Southside business owners and CNY 2017 has the most people in history to attend. Most importantly, we’ve built up a brand awareness of Southside as a lively area for food, entertainment and leisure among Chinese customers in Birmingham.


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